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Based information gathered, here is a detailed description of the TIS 547B wheel and the Hercules TIS TT1 MT tire, highlighting their key features:


TIS 547B Wheel:

  • Design: The TIS 547B wheel features a one-piece construction with a deep lip design, offering a robust and stylish look.
  • Finish: It comes in a gloss black machined face finish, with CNC milled accents and a chrome center cap logo, adding an elegant touch to its rugged design​​.
  • Sizes and Specifications:
    • 20x10


Hercules TIS TT1 MT Tire:

  • Design and Purpose: This tire is designed for maximum traction and mud terrain, targeting off-road drivers and enthusiasts. It offers a combination of a stylish and aggressive look, suitable for recreational off-road driving​​.
  • Features and Benefits:
    • Robust Tread Compound: Enhances puncture resistance and tread life in adverse driving conditions.
    • Optimized Footprint: Ensures balanced pressure distribution for even wear and enhanced longevity.
    • Three-Ply Sidewall: Promotes tire integrity, puncture resistance, and increased load carrying capacity.
    • Strategic Tread Pattern: Designed to expel mud, dirt, rocks, and water, providing excellent grip in various speed situations and reducing irregular wear on rugged terrains​​.
  • Performance Promise Warranty: Includes road hazard protection with free replacement for up to two years or the first 50% of tread life, a trust our ride test drive option, and coverage for workmanship and materials flaws during the first 50% of tread life​​.
  • Sizes Available: The tire is available in sizes ranging from 16 to 26 inches, catering to a wide range of vehicles and preferences​​.
  • Specifications:
    • Various tire sizes offer different load indexes, speed ratings, sidewall designs, minimum and maximum rim widths, single and dual max load capacities at specific cold inflation pressures, tread depths, overall widths, diameters, and weights. This ensures a broad range of options to suit different vehicle requirements and driving conditions​​.


Combining the TIS 547B wheel and the Hercules TIS TT1 MT tire would result in a high-performance, durable, and visually striking wheel and tire package suitable for off-road and recreational use. The robust design of both products ensures reliability and efficiency in challenging terrains.