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How much money can i borrow though

About Rimz One

Rimz One is strictly dedicated to the Stock , Leveled , or Lifted Truck & SUV client.  We have you covered from mild lift installs to complete SEMA builds. We are a family owned business dedicated to serving the aftermarket wheel & tire enthusiasts since 2001. We have continually grown since year one into one of the largest independent wheel & tire retailers in the United States due to our customer service & price. The best part is we have websites dedicated to each type of vehicle!

We are here for you, because without you there is no us..


It's simple. Customer service & pricing is what it's all about right? Well, we agree 100%.  So now that we are on the same page, let's not put the typical stuff in here like "We are the best", or "We are the largest" blah blah blah... You won't know that until you decide to give us your business, right?  We are a family owned business that lives & breathes everything aftermarket & custom, do you want to purchase from a giant retailer that just lists part numbers for sale on any page they can or buy from a fellow car enthusiast? We don't want just the sale from you, we want the follow up pictures of your ride afterwards to show off to fellow enthusiasts. We also want you to be so happy you chose us that you tell everyone! Pretty simple concept huh? Give us a shot at being the best.


Rimz One
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